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Implant Treatment in Antalya

Implant Treatment in Antalya
Implant Treatment in Antalya
Implant Treatment in Antalya

Written by Antalya Özdemir Dental Center for information purposes about Implant Treatment in Antalya.


A dental implant is the placement of a prosthetic tooth to replace the real teeth lost over time. It is a special application that will be made for you after a good diagnosis that you will have dental implant application in reliable clinics, and then planning with your dentist. Implant treatment is the surgical placement of screw-shaped titanium parts in the jawbone. Since it is a serious and gradual process, the jawbone and gingiva must be carefully examined by the dentist before the operation. The mouth and teeth structure of the person plays a decisive role in this treatment. It may require a more detailed and different application in patients with sensitive gums.


Before planning the implant treatment, the patient's chin x-rays should be taken. Then, together with the 3D dental tomography, the height, width and bone density of the jawbone are evaluated in detail, and then it is decided what kind of treatment should be done. In order for the implant treatment to be successful, it is important to meticulously implement all the steps before the treatment. Gingiva, which has soft tissue in the mouth, plays an important role in the successful outcome of implant treatment.


Implant treatment is easy and the success rate is higher in patients with healthy gums. It differs from person to person with gingival thickness and form. If the specialist physician in the field plans the surgery by considering the gingival form and thickness of the person, the treatment will result in a high rate of success.


Dental implants are the healthiest treatment method for people who have problems due to lack of teeth and whose life comfort has decreased considerably. After the treatment, people regain their former comfort. Eating safely, laughing and talking as one wishes, allows patients to recover their lost self-confidence and discomfort in a short time.


While your dental implant treatment is performed in our Antalya Özdemir Dental Dental Polyclinic, first your screws are placed in the bone. These screws create your artificial tooth roots for new teeth to replace your missing teeth. When dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone, they fuse with your natural bone. After this fusion is achieved, your teeth are made to support one or more artificial teeth with the veneer method. Connectors (dental abutments) are placed over your implants to hold and support the crowns. Crowns, on the other hand, are specially produced for your mouth to adapt to your natural teeth and restore your old comfort.

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