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Gum diseases, which are mostly painless until the last period, are infectious diseases that are seen in the tissues supporting the teeth and can affect the jawbone. Even if your teeth are not rotten, you can lose your tooth with gum diseases. If not treated early, surgical intervention may be required. Any periodontal disease that occurs in the mouth can cause symptoms such as swelling and bleeding in the gums, bad odor or taste, loosening of the teeth and displacement of the teeth. Periodontal diseases often begin with gingivitis. Gingivitis can be expressed as the early period of periodontal disease. During this period, bleeding, redness and an increase in volume occur in our gums. Gum diseases may not cause great discomfort to the person in the early period.

When symptoms are generally tolerable, discomfort can be ignored and a visit to the dentist can be delayed. However, untreated periodontal disorders can become serious in the future and cause irreversible damage to the bone tissue that supports the teeth. For this reason, after the minor changes we observe in our gums, you should definitely see the dentist and make sure that you receive the necessary treatment on time. Gum diseases, which are treated with very simple methods in the early stages, are cured by changing the oral hygiene habits of the person and having regular check-ups. We should not forget that if you have unhealthy gums, it is not possible to have other dental treatments.