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Lamina veneer is a preferred treatment method in cases where there are dental disorders that prevent an aesthetic smile, repair of broken teeth for any reason, cleaning of decayed teeth, removal of deformities in the teeth. Lamina veneers, which are prepared by taking the dimensions of the teeth and taking the appropriate measurements for the mouth and tooth structure of the person, are applied by sticking to the front surface of the tooth. Lamina veneers are also known as leaf porcelain. As a very comfortable treatment method, it is possible to see the result at the beginning of the treatment thanks to digital dentistry before lamina veneer. Thus, it has become a frequently preferred treatment as it is a practical and guaranteed operation. The most advantageous feature of the laminate tooth veneer technique is to achieve the desired harmony without the need for any abrasion on the teeth. Laminas, which are as thin and transparent as a leaf, provide maximum adaptation to the teeth they are attached to, creating a natural tooth appearance.

High durability coatings can be used for a lifetime as long as they are regularly and continuously maintained. In the first session, the person's intraoral measurements are taken and the treatment is prepared. The measurement is sent to the laboratory of the clinic and a mock-up is made for the patient to try. When the model is tested on the patient and a consensus is formed with the physician, the process of preparing the teeth to be inserted begins. Then, the ready veneers are adhered to the patient's teeth in a short time. In the first stage, temporary coatings are attached and compatibility is checked. If the physician does not detect a problem and the patient is satisfied with the teeth, permanent real porcelains are produced. Lamina veneers, which are fixed to the teeth with a special adhesive, can be used easily within the same day. If no problems occur, lamina dental treatment is completed at the end of approximately 2 or 3 sessions.