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Laser Assisted Teeth Whitening
One of the most preferred aesthetic dentistry applications recently is teeth whitening, namely bleaching. Bleaching is performed for teeth that turn yellow in time and lose an aesthetic appearance. After a specialist dentist's examination, bleaching can be done at home with clinical applications or materials purchased with the advice of a dentist. The laser whitening process is the most practical and fast results whitening process applied with the latest technology.

Why Do Teeth Need Whitening?
The white color of the upper layer of the teeth may darken due to certain factors, and it may go from an aesthetic white to an undesirable yellowing. In this case, many people apply to dentists for teeth whitening. The most common causes of darkening and yellowing of teeth are:

Cigarette consumption,
Excessive consumption of colored drinks (cola, coffee, cherry juice, wine),
Genetic factors,
Excessive exposure to fluoride
Dental traumas,
Inadequate dental care.

How is Laser Teeth Whitening Performed?
The process called office whitening is a laser-assisted teeth whitening method. Due to the chemicals used, the operation by protecting the gums and laser application, this procedure should be applied by a specialist dentist.

The teeth are cleaned with a fluoride-free toothpaste and the gums are protected with the help of an apparatus. The rubber apparatus both protects the gums and helps to keep the teeth in the appropriate position for application. A bleaching chemical is then applied over the teeth. Laser beams are applied to the tooth with 30-second pulses on the gel-like chemical. After the gel on the tooth stays for a while, it is cleaned chemically with a vacuum device. The process is repeated until the teeth reach the appropriate whiteness. If the dentist deems it necessary, support whitening that can be done at home can also be recommended.

What to Do After Laser Assisted Teeth Whitening
Since chemicals are applied in the bleaching process, burning may occur on contact with the gums. For this reason, no application is made especially to the wound areas. Mild sensitivity after the procedure is an expected side effect. During this period, it is recommended not to consume colored drinks and cigarettes, and to clean the teeth immediately in case of consumption. Extremely hot and extremely cold foods should be avoided. Since laser teeth whitening is an application that requires expertise, it is very important to prefer experienced dentists.