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Smile; It is an action in which people express themselves and sometimes reflect their mood, and everyone wants to be free while laughing. However, some oral and dental problems in people can prevent this. Especially with smile aesthetic applications, which have become more popular in recent years, these problems can be easily solved.

What is Smile Design?
Smile design is the general name of aesthetic applications, which are applied to eliminate complaints such as tooth shape disorder, crookedness, imbalance in gingival levels, tooth color due to various reasons, and include more than one treatment. While performing smile aesthetic applications, factors such as what the patient expects from the treatment and what kind of appearance he wants are taken into account.

What Processes Does Smile Design Include?
Before starting the smile design applications, factors such as the patient's face shape, mouth structure, age and gender are evaluated and a plan is drawn up accordingly. Smile aesthetic applications usually start with the color and position of the teeth and the treatment of missing teeth, if any. These procedures may be easier applications such as bleaching (teeth whitening), as well as advanced treatments that require surgical intervention such as implants, coatings, reshaping of the gums.

What are the Methods Applied in Smile Design?
Smile design practices include many treatment methods. In order to obtain aesthetic smiles, first of all, a healthy mouth and tooth structure must be provided. The most frequently used applications in smile design are as follows:

Teeth Whitening: The bleaching process, which is one of the most frequently used procedures in smile design, can be applied with several different methods. In applications called office or home type, tooth molds prepared specifically for the tooth structure and the person are used. With the use of whitening gels or the laser whitening method, the teeth can be whitened several tones, thus having more aesthetic smiles.

Zirconium Coating: Zirconium veneers are a metal-free porcelain tooth veneer method. This method is used in various problems such as erosion, caries and fractures in the tooth. This method, which is mostly applied in anterior teeth, is long-lasting and in harmony with existing teeth.

Orthodontic Treatments: It is the treatment used in cases where the teeth are crooked, split or protruding. It is the process of attaching brackets, known as braces, to the teeth. Although orthodontic treatments vary according to the materials used in the treatment, they are completed in an average of 2 years.

Implant Treatment This treatment is applied to eliminate the appearance of missing teeth in case of tooth loss. After the screwing process placed on the jawbone, the dental prosthesis is placed. They are permanent treatments that are compatible with other teeth in appearance and color.

Periodontology Treatment: It is a treatment method used in the removal of tissue around the tooth and especially gingival disorders (elongation of the gingiva towards the tooth, etc.).