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What is Orthodontics?
Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with jaw closure disorders (malocclusion) and various tooth placement disorders. Orthodontists diagnose, prevent and treat these disorders. Contrary to popular belief, orthodontic treatment is a type of treatment that can be applied not only to children but also to adults. Although the main purpose of orthodontic treatment is a good closure, orthodontic treatment can also be performed for cosmetic purposes. Only dentists or orthodontists determine whether orthodontic treatment is required after the necessary examinations.

What Does Orthodontic Treatment Consist Of?

There are many methods in orthodontic treatment using various caps, plates and braces. The orthodontist determines the most appropriate treatment method for the patient's problem and starts the treatment accordingly. Orthodontic treatment includes:

  • To close the gaps in the teeth or to prevent the gaps that may occur,
  • Alignment of upper and lower teeth with respect to each other,
  • Correcting the placement of crooked teeth,
  • To provide a smooth closure in the jaw,
  • To ensure that the teeth are healthier in the long term,
  • To eliminate dental problems that cause speech and chewing disorders,
  • Correcting facial symmetry.

Things to Consider for Patients Receiving Orthodontic Treatment

There are some precautions and points that should be taken into consideration in order for the patients undergoing orthodontic treatment not to have problems during the treatment process and to prevent the treatment from being interrupted. Paying attention to these issues and taking the necessary precautions will facilitate the orthodontic treatment process and will provide you with fewer problems during the treatment process. Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment should pay attention to the following:

Taking care of teeth and gums: Teeth cleaning is very important in the orthodontic treatment process. Teeth should be brushed at least 2 times a day with toothpaste and brush recommended by the dentist, and mouthwashes should be used if necessary.

Avoiding sticky and hard foods: Sticky and hard foods can damage the braces, especially in braces treatment. This may cause disruption of orthodontic treatment.

Avoiding acidic drinks: Acidic drinks can damage your tooth structure, as well as damage your orthodontic device during the orthodontic treatment process. Therefore, you should stay away from acidic drinks.

Cleaning between teeth and braces: Cleaning between teeth and braces is important in braces treatment. You should clean between your teeth using an interface brush as determined by your doctor.

Don't miss doctor's appointments: During the orthodontic treatment process, you should visit your doctor at regular intervals. In this process, it is important not to delay appointments so that your doctor can see the progress of the treatment.

Paying attention to these details of patients receiving orthodontic treatment ensures that the process continues without any problems. If you are also undergoing orthodontic treatment, you should definitely follow your doctor's recommendations.