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In case of insufficient height and bone thickness for implant applications, Sinus Lifting method is applied. With local or general anesthesia, a suitable area is created by opening a canal in the determined area in the gingiva. After the lifting of the sinus membrane, the channel opened between the bone and the underlying bone is grafted and closed by suturing. Sinus Lifting process takes approximately 45 minutes. Sinus Lift; It is a method used to intensify the existing but insufficient bone by surgical means or to create new bone formation in areas where it is deficient. After this operation, suitable conditions are provided for the implant and a bone of density and volume that will allow full attachment is formed.

In other words, in some cases, sinus lifting operation is essential for the implant to be healthy and long-lasting. It is also possible to encounter bone loss in areas where tooth deficiency occurs over time. It is also very difficult to make implants in patients with this condition. However, with the grafting process, the amount of bone can be obtained in areas with deficiencies and lack of volume. In bone grafting processes, the main material can be used artificially or it can be applied with a graft taken from the bone. Usually, the bone level needed for the implant will be obtained with the grafted bones placed in the sinus areas.