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How To Get A 20-Tooth Pain?

How To Get A 20-Tooth Pain?
How To Get A 20-Tooth Pain?
How To Get A 20-Tooth Pain?

The wisdom teeth, which are located at the back of the jaw and are the last to erupt, often do not adapt to the jaw structure, causing pain and abscesses in many people. As the name suggests, these teeth, which erupt around the age of 20, may remain impacted or semi-impacted, or they may cause pain by compressing the gums due to insufficient space. While some people do not have any problems when wisdom teeth come out, it seriously affects some people and reduces their quality of life. The reason why wisdom teeth are painful when they come out; It is the splitting of the gums along with the growth process of the tooth, forcing the tooth roots and expanding the jawbone to make room for the growing tooth.

The answers to the question of how to cure a toothache are usually temporary solutions. The best and permanent solution for your toothache is to go to the dentist and have your wisdom teeth treated. In this way, the reason why your wisdom tooth hurts is determined and a treatment is applied accordingly. Temporary solutions to relieve your toothache until you see the doctor are as follows;

  • You can use pain relievers.
  • You can apply tea tree oil to your aching tooth with the help of cotton.
  • You can cut garlic, which is a natural antibiotic and pain reliever, in half and apply it to your aching tooth.
  • You can make an ice complex.
  • Cucumber and salt have a relaxing effect when rubbed on your teeth.
  • You can gargle with warm salt water.

Wisdom Dental Treatment

Impacted and semi-impacted wisdom teeth cause gingival inflammation, bad breath and many mouth and gum problems. For this reason, teeth that come out by finding a suitable place in the mouth or impacted should definitely be removed because they create congestion in the mouth. X-rays are taken in the first place to understand how the wisdom teeth will be extracted and their condition. Wisdom teeth that come out normally by finding a suitable place are extracted without the need for surgical intervention, as in other tooth extractions. Very few wisdom teeth are extracted in this way. Wisdom teeth, which are usually impacted or semi-impacted, are surgically removed.

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