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Antalya Tooth Fracture Treatment

Antalya Tooth Fracture Treatment
Antalya Tooth Fracture Treatment
Antalya Tooth Fracture Treatment

Tooth fractures in the mouth are traumatic injuries. In case of tooth fractures, which can sometimes cause major problems, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. Tooth fractures are usually seen in decayed teeth.

What are the Types of Tooth Breakage?

A part or all of the tooth is broken or the tooth is separated from the mouth is called a tooth fracture. There are multiple different types and treatments for a broken tooth condition. Types of tooth fractures are as follows;

  • They are tooth fractures that people cannot see when they look at them, but can only be seen with light when they go to a doctor's control.
  • Vertical fractures may occur up to the gingiva. While the fractures that have not reached the gum are treated, the only solution for the fractures that reach the gum is the extraction of the tooth.
  • Fracture of the tooth tip. Sensitivity can be seen in teeth broken in this way.
  • Tooth fractures that extend to the bottom of the gum may occur. The advanced level of fractures in this way causes the tooth to split into 2 parts.
  • Fractures may occur under the gum. This condition can only be noticed by X-rays.

Tooth Dislocation from Tooth Breakage

If your tooth is dislodged, it means that your tooth is broken from the root part and the dental bone is damaged. Displaced teeth can be caused by fracture and bone. It is the condition of the tissues that is important in such cases. If the tooth moves to the side, it can positively affect the treatment in the vertical direction. If you have a dislocated tooth as a result of a broken tooth, you should go to the doctor without wasting any time.

How to Treat Broken Teeth?

There are multiple options for the treatment of broken teeth. These treatment options are; Aesthetic filling, bonding, crown, laminate veneer and root canal treatment.

During the treatment of tooth fractures, the treatment phase is started according to the tissue formed in the tooth fractures. If the tooth fracture does not extend too far to the root of the tooth, the broken part is removed and the broken tissue is treated. If the fracture extends to the pulp, root canal treatment is required. The fractured part is also treated with crown veneer. In cases where the fracture extends to the root, unfortunately, the tooth is extracted. In order to avoid tooth extraction, you should go to the dentist as soon as possible so that the treatment can be started accordingly.

What Should Be Considered in Case of Tooth Breakage?

Our teeth are extremely important for our smile. Therefore, it is useful to be careful. Here are the things you should pay attention to when your teeth are broken:

  • As your teeth are broken, you should go to the dentist within the first 30 minutes or 1 hour.
  • Avoid contact with the broken tooth with your hands.
  • You can wrap your broken tooth with a clean cotton ball.
  • Tell your doctor the history of your tooth breaking during the examination.
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